In The News: Solar Farming For A Sunny Financial Future

RICHLAND TWP., Pa. — Officials in one Bucks County township are banking on a new solar panel farm to provide a bright financial outlook for their community.

They are billed as quiet, non-polluting energy machines, and now these solar panels are saving Richland Township in Bucks County a lot of money.

“Right now we’re looking at saving about $60,000 a year in electric bills and the energy credits are about another $160,000,” said Stephen Sechriest, town manager of Richland Township. (Excerpt from WFMZ 69)

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In The News: Willow Lake Farm Leads Horse Farms’ Switch to Solar Energy

“I just think we use too much stuff. Too much of everything,” Ellen Lea says, considering the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, and the environmental damage that dependence creates. “There’s got to be a bottom to everything, but not solar energy. I really feel like the carbon footprint is important,” she explains, “I feel like this is doing my part.” Lea is part of a fast-growing contingent of land owners who have made the leap to alternative energy. In a couple of months, engineers from Pennsylvania Renewables of Quakertown, PA will begin installation of panels that will convert the house, the barns and the stables to solar energy. (Excerpt from Pennsylvania Equestrian)

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Doing More
Our customer had gone through energy conservation steps but still wanted to do more. We provided several designs they chose on one that included a 5600 watt Solar PV system, a 3300 Watt Wind Turbine, and a battery backup system to help get them through frequent power outages. This system in all reduced her carbon footprint by 50%.

Energy Frugality
Some feel that being green means being frugal, with the correct design, layout, and integration of high efficiency equipment and high performance insulation a home such as this one can use minimal power with maximum comfort. This home is equipped with a 1500 Watt Solar PV system, 3300 Watt Wind Turbine, Geo-thermal heating/cooling, and incorporated Passive Solar Design into the construction.

Energy Independence
When this farm owner approached us they wanted to end their dependence on oil and at the same time eliminate their utility bills. This meant replacing their old oil furnace with high efficiency Geo-Thermal heat pumps, providing their hot water with Solar Thermal Panels and Hot-water Heat Pumps. To offset their electric usage from electronics and their Geo-Thermal system we installed a 9200 Watt Solar PV system and a 10,000 Watt Wind Turbine.

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