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Pennsylvania Renewables Inc. – Renewable Energy Experts

Pennsylvania Renewables Inc. is based out of Haycock Twp. in South-Eastern Pennsylvania. We provide expertise, information, and support to anyone interested in using renewable energy.

Pat  Noto, owner and founder of Pennsylvania Renewables, doesn’t just sell renewable energy, he lives it. Pat is a renewable energy pioneer.  He operates his own solar panel electricity system, also known as solar photovoltaics ( Solar PV). Solar PV is used primarily for grid-connected electricity to operate his appliances, commercial equipment, lighting and air conditioning in his home and business facilities. But Pat’s 40 plus years of expertise is not limited to sunlight. His back-up system includes geothermal HVAC, solar thermal, wind, passive, and LED systems.

Pat’s home is always comfortable, yet his geothermal HVAC system is out of sight. It does not require heavy maintenance or technical savvy to keep it running efficiently year after year. So it is not only affordable, but continues to provide a comfortable return on his investment every year.

The core objective of Pennsylvania Renewables is to provide customers with the same high value renewable energy solutions that Pat has designed and proven for himself.

The company motto “We power it all” means that our expertise in renewable energy is not limited to one product or one design. We understand and have used solar electric (PV), solar hot water, solar hot air, wind, geothermal HVAC, LED lighting/control, and passive solar designs. We may not know everything about renewable energy but an extensive background in energy audits, consulting, and engineering has given us the ability to help home and business owners find solutions tailored to their needs–not our sales goals.

Owner Backgrounds:

Pat Pouring a Wind Turbine Foundation.

Pat: 25 years of construction and 15 years of renewable energy installation experience. NABCEP Certificate, PA Certified PV and Wind Installer. Pat has worked from PA to CO on a wide variety of Renewable Energy projects. Pat is our Project Manager and with his wealth of knowledge and experience we guarantee that our systems are done right the first time, every time.

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